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Bright Living Room

 Estate Real McCoy

ホーム: ようこそ!

​Business introduction


​​Real estate investment consulting

​Maximizing the value of “assets (real estate)”

  • I own land and buildings, but I can't make the most of them...

  • Real estate companies and construction companies only offer the options of ``sell'' or ``build (replace)''...

  • Whether it's buying, selling, or building (replacing), I want appropriate advice from a third-party perspective...

  • Vacancies in profitable properties are not filled...

  • There is no reliable rental management company

  • ​I want to consider asset planning and inheritance measures

Business meeting

​​Real estate sales

​​Leave it to Makoi when selling or buying

Appropriate suggestions regarding asset utilization and property purchase from experienced staff! Our highly experienced and experienced staff will handle your valuable assets with care. We can also consult with you regarding inheritance, effective use of assets, and sales, including real estate appraisals and appraisals. We will respond to your requests in a friendly manner, including introducing you to properties you wish to purchase.

legal advice

​​Rental management business

​​Advice to owners

  • If you are having trouble because there are always vacant rooms...

  • I own real estate, but I don't know what to do with it...

  • I purchased a building/apartment/condominium, but am having trouble choosing a management company...

  • At our company, we provide kind and careful advice to such owners and manage their assets together with them.

Business meeting

​​Renovation introduction

​Interior proposals that meet your needs​

Unlike in the past, in recent years it has become difficult to find tenants right away with normal restoration work. Because of these times, at Makoy, we thoroughly research surrounding properties and competing properties, differentiate our properties from those of other companies, and propose interiors that meet your needs.

ホーム: サービス

Grand Makoi Ijiri Room 208, 4-34-7 Ijiri, Minami-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture


ホーム: お問い合わせ
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