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​​Cancellation form

解約フォーム: ようこそ!
解約フォーム: ようこそ!

If you are canceling your contract, please check the information below and fill out the form.

  • If delivery is delayed, we will compensate for any damage caused regardless of the reason.  
    The surrender will be completed when the key is returned. If the item is not returned, the daily rent will be charged.  
    (Cancellation notice must be given at least one month before the cancellation date. If it is less than one month, we will collect one month's worth from the date of cancellation notice in accordance with the rental contract.)

  • When you move out, please return the keys in our presence on the day you move out.  
    (Please contact us once the move-out date (baggage removal date) has been decided.)

  • Please notify each company of your departure to pay your utility charges.

  • If there are any leftover items, we will dispose of them at our discretion. We will charge storage and disposal costs related to disposal.

  • Please note that changing your departure date after this date may incur a cancellation fee.

解約フォーム: お問い合わせ
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